Itella 2012


Our strategy for the years 2013–2017

The strategy we updated throughout the past year sums up the starting points of our operations and our future direction, shared by all three of our business groups as well as Itella Bank and Group operations.

In line with our strategy, we manage our customers' information and product flows efficiently, and our operations are based on sustainable development. Our vision is to become a top European company in postal, logistics and financial transaction process services.

The improvement of profitability remains the focal point throughout our entire organization. In 2013, we will pay increased attention to the effective implementation of our strategy. The means by which we intend to accomplish this are the following:

High Value Solutions

We will make our customer-driven approach a competitive advantage. This requires the continuous development of our range of services and direct customer service.

Professional skills and leadership

Itella's skilled professionals put our strategy into practice. For them to develop and succeed, supervisory work and other management and leadership skills require development too.

Smart Use of IT

Information technology and software competence allow us to provide our customers with increasingly sophisticated solutions. IT also holds a key position in improving Itella's own efficiency and service capacity.

Continuous increase of efficiency

The objective of the three-year cost-cutting program underway in the entire Group is to help Itella get through the fundamental changes its industry is facing as a result of the digitization of communications. The cost-cutting program was launched in 2011. It includes a range of means, and involves all of our business units in all countries of operation.

Our financial goals are

  • to increase our net sales by more than 5 percent on average per annum, and
  • to attain an operating profit in excess of 5.5 percent.

Our strategy for the years 2013–2017 is summarized in the following strategy house:

Our values

Our jointly selected values form the foundation of everything we do. Our values unite us, define us in our capacity as Itella employees, and guide us in our day-to-day choices and work. They also reflect the kind of company Itella is, and the direction of its development. Together we can succeed and achieve our goals.

Succeeding with the customer

  • Our operations produce added value for our customers
  • We offer services and solutions on the basis of our sound knowledge of our customers' needs and business operations
  • We serve our customers as one Itella throughout the service chain
  • We operate close to our customers

Driving for improvement and innovations

  • We are open to changes and development
  • We make use of our strengths and look for ideas that improve profitability
  • We learn and grow continuously, both as individuals and as a company
  • We carry out changes determinedly and communicate openly, learn from our past experiences and adapt our operations when necessary

Taking responsibility

  • We commit to our decisions and put them into practice
  • We stick to the commitments we have undertaken so that we can fulfil our customer promises
  • Our operations are based on reliability
  • We take care of our employees, the environment, and our surrounding communities

Winning together

  • We cooperate to reach our shared goals
  • We exchange information and good practices
  • We work together and value one another
  • We are proud of Itella and what we do

Our vision

Itella is the European benchmark in postal, logistics and financial transaction process services.

Our mission

Taking care of our customers' information and product flows in a sustainable manner.