Itella 2012


Stakeholder table

Every day, Itella is in touch with hundreds of thousands of customers, employees, and partners. In 2012, we clarified their expectations towards us with the help of customer satisfaction surveys, an employee survey, and various kinds of daily feedback channels. The avenues that enable interaction with customers include various kinds of customer meetings and events, in addition to customer satisfaction surveys. With regard to our personnel, the most important channels include employee surveys, the intranet, our staff magazine, and internal information events.

The table below presents Itella's most important stakeholders and their expectations with regard to Itella. The table also includes information on the central tools and forms of interaction in 2012.

The materiality determination found the following groups to be our most important stakeholders: customers; employees; our owner; partners in subcontracting, research, and within Itella's industry; and the media. The subject matters raised by our stakeholders by way of the aforementioned interactive avenues have included the competitive situation in the market, the new Postal Act, the long-term build-up of the ownership value of state-owned companies, and the generation of socially and commercially sustainable results.

 Stakeholders Expectations Year 2012: Interactive tools and most important results
  • High-quality, reliable postal and logistics services as well as financial management services for reasonable prices.
  • Information security and protection of privacy in all services.
  • Commitment to ethical principles.
  • Modernization according to customer needs.
  • Solutions for digitization.
  • Environmental efficiency. 
  • We utilized the customer satisfaction surveys and feedback.
  • The number of service outlets was increased and the redirection of shipments was developed.
  • The Government Decree concerning the location of postal outlets was issued in March.
  • We operate in an environmentally responsible way by, for instance, reducing the emissions of our vehicles. 
  • The equal treatment of personnel.
  • Competitive and fair rewarding.
  • Responsible management and supervisory work.
  • The development of well-being at work.
  • The flow of information and engagement. 
  • The profit sharing scheme covers the entire group.
  • The investment in well-being at work continued.
  • The VAUTSI project continued.
  • Statutory labor negotiations, in which the amount of personnel was adjusted to the prevailing situation, were carried out during the year.
  • Employees have at their disposal an initiative bank which serves as an electronic channel for the distribution and processing of initiatives within Itella.
  • The personnel has a feedback channel through which employees can submit feedback on issues related to both ethical instructions and topics discussed in the equality committee. Feedback can be submitted under a name or anonymously.
  • Wide deployment of the Employee Code of Conduct.
  • Cooperation with employee representatives. 
  • High-quality reliable postal services for reasonable prices throughout Finland.
  • Profitability and financial solidity.
  • Good governance and transparency of operations.
  • Respecting the personnel's status and rights, and environmental responsibility.
  • Increasing ownership value in a sustainable and responsible way. 
  • The Employee Code of Conduct was deployed throughout the Group. The Code of Conduct applies to all group companies.
  • The number of service outlets was increased and the redirection of shipments was developed. 
Partners in subcontracting, research and industry
  • Transparent procurement criteria and the equal treatment of suppliers.
  • A pilot project and research target for new technologies and business models.
  • An active role in international industry associations. 
  • The sourcing development program launched during the previous year continued.
  • Permanent membership in PostEurope, the Universal Postal Union (UPU), and the International Post Corporation (IPC).
  • Membership in the Finnish Service Sector Employers' association PALTA (a member association of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK), the Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics (FiCom), and Finnish Business & Society (FiBS). 
The Media
  • Fast, reliable flow of information.
  • High level of availability and swift services. 
  • We published some 200 press releases during the year.
  • We organized meetings with representatives of the media and offered reporters tips for articles concerning news and current events in our industry.
  • The MediaDesk serves journalists; we received nearly 500 contact requests from the media. All requests for an interview were usually responded to within 30 minutes.