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Social responsibility

For nearly 400 years, it has been our responsibility to manage our customers' information and product flows. Our key mission in Finland is to provide premium mail services to everyone across the country. We serve our consumer customers under the brand name Posti. Our competitive edge is based on a strong brand and first-rate customer service.

A Government Decree concerning the location of postal outlets was issued last March, and turned out to be favorable to us: the decree approaches the postal network as a broad-based totality, meaning that we have the chance to exploit various forms of service. The decree allows us to keep the most popular services as close to customers as possible without unreasonable costs.

According to the decree, the nearest postal outlet or service point may be located no more than three kilometers from the majority (that is, at least 82 percent) of service users. Reasonable distances are promoted by a policy whereby the distance for a maximum of three percent of people may exceed ten kilometers from their permanent residence. The decree is related to the new Postal Act that took effect at the beginning of 2011, and ensures the future of postal services as local services.

Unit costs of mail delivery by type of population center

We provide postal services everywhere in Finland

In accordance with our license and the Postal Act, we ensure that the letter and parcel services that fall within the scope of universal service obligation are available to everyone. The universal service obligation covers the entire country, with the exception of the Åland Islands. The realization of the universal service obligation is monitored by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

We are the only operator in Finland to provide five-day delivery services that cover the entire country. The scope of our service covers all of Finland's 5.4 million consumers and 250,000 companies and organizations. Our network of shops is heavily reliant on our partners – the entrepreneurs who run the postal agency shops. Some 90 percent of postal outlets are attached to the outlets of local service companies, such as kiosks or grocery stores.

Netposti is a free online transaction service for people in Finland over 15 years of age. Netposti allows consumers to receive electronic letters addressed to them by companies and organizations in a secure way. Such letters can include invoices, pay slips, letters from the authorities, and other important messages which consumers would otherwise receive at their home addresses on paper. Small enterprises and organizations can also register as Netposti users.

Number of consumer invoices in Finland 1991-2012

Information and experiences in the Post Museum

Our Post Museum exhibits, studies, and records Finnish cultural heritage and period pieces from the perspective of postal history. The Museum's collections comprise approximately 5,000 items, more than seven million stamps, and nearly 400,000 photographs, as well as posters, cards, and videos.

Established in 1926, the Post Museum is one of the oldest specialized museums in Finland. Our Museum also has a public collection of specialized books focused on philately and postal history. The Museum also has an online exhibit, at In 2014, our Post Museum, located in the Helsinki General Post Office from 1995 to 2012, will open its doors at Museum Centre Vapriikki in Tampere.

Stamps recount the tale of Finland among other world countries

Stamps are mirrors of their times. They recount the notable events of their year of issuance, the phenomena of their era, and, today, to an increasing degree, global cooperation. On millions of cards and letters, they create and spread an image of Finland around the world. The good availability of stamps is guaranteed by our 3,500 retailers and our online store.

In July, the Finnish Valentine's Day stamp for 2011 received the award for best stamp in the International Awards for Philatelic Art, held every year in Asiago, Italy. The miniature sheet – named the Branches of Friendship – designed by Janne Harju received the prize for the best stamp in the Tourism category.