Itella 2012


Reporting principles

Our reporting complies with the GRI guidelines and with the reporting requirements set by our owner, the state. Unless otherwise mentioned, the reporting covers all operations of Itella's parent company and subsidiaries. It also covers all Group functions in all countries of operation. The reporting does not include the operations of subcontractors or affiliated companies. However, with regard to Finland, the environmental report includes the environmental impact of the subcontractors employed by our transport operations.

The coverage of the indicators is reported in connection with the indicators in question.

The data and indicators concerning financial responsibility are obtained from the consolidated financial statements, prepared in accordance with the international IFRS approved by the European Union. The consolidated financial statements are prepared in compliance with IAS and IFRS valid on December 31, 2012, and the related SIC standards and IFRIC interpretations. The notes to the consolidated financial statements are also drawn up in compliance with Finnish accounting and corporate legislation.

The indicators of HR responsibility cover data from all countries of operation. However, parts of the data have so far included only figures from Finland. If this is the case, it is mentioned in connection with the indicator in question.

The indicators concerning environmental responsibility cover Itella's operations with the greatest environmental impact, in all countries of operation.

Social responsibility reports focus on Finland, since this aspect emphasizes the postal services that Itella provides to all consumers and businesses.