Itella 2012


People responsibility

At the end of 2012, we employed a total of 27,816 people. The average number of personnel in our Group was 27,460. At the end of the year, those employed in Finland numbered 21,819, whereas the number of employees abroad was 5,997.

Women make up 41 percent and men 59 percent of our entire Group's employees. Our Supervisory Board has 12 members, five (42 percent) of whom are women and seven (58 percent) of whom are men. Our Board of Directors has eight members, four (50 percent) of whom are women and four (50 percent) of whom are men. The Executive Board is composed of seven members, of whom two (29 percent) are women and five (71 percent) are men. Our Management Board is composed of 13 members, of whom three (23 percent) are women and ten (77 percent) are men.

At the end of the year, the number of employees in Finland had increased by 696 in comparison to the previous year. The number increased due to the personnel of VR Transpoint's groupage logistics and PT Logistiikka Oy, who transferred to Itella's employment.

The year saw us enter into 772 new permanent employment contracts in Finland. Personnel reductions amounted to a total of 435 person-years. Out of this total, 408 person-years were reduced for production-related and financial reasons, and 27 person-years were reduced via voluntary resignations and pension plans.

During the autumn, we carried out a sizable campaign for the purposes of deploying the Employee Code of Conduct. The Employee Code of Conduct was updated in 2011. Our goal in 2012 was to ensure that Itella's entire personnel in all business groups get familiar with the Code during the year. In October, we published the e-learning material on the Employee Code of Conduct, to promote its familiarity among employees. A total of 69 percent, or 19,000, of the Group's employees completed the course. Since we fell short of our goal, the work continues. In 2013, we will also be publishing a subtitled version of the course for the hearing impaired.

The year in review saw us increasing our efforts to improve cooperation between employee representatives and supervisors. Among other measures, we organized training on the subject, within the framework of a project funded by the Foundation for Well-Being at Work.

We are an important employer in Finland

We receive some 30,000 job applications every year. This past summer, we provided summer jobs for approximately 2,500 people in Finland. Most of them worked in mail delivery, sorting, and transportation. Seasonal assistants were employed in every part of the country, although the greatest number of them worked in the metropolitan area which the majority of mail traverses and which has the greatest number of mail recipients. The lengths of summer jobs ranged from three weeks to three months.

In Finland we were also involved in the nation-wide campaign "Responsible summer job" and, together with a hundred other companies, committed to the campaign's principles, which include meaningful work and reasonable pay, sufficient orientation and guidance as well as fair and equal treatment.

During the Christmas season, we employed 3,400 seasonal assistants around the country. This was 400 more than during previous years. Due to the growth of online commerce, the additional workforce was employed in mail sorting and postal outlets and shops. The majority worked in the sorting of Christmas greetings and parcels as well as in mail deliveries.

Personnel per country on December 31,2012

Personnel and performance management based on our values

We continued our management and leadership work along the lines of the previous year. The cornerstones of Itella's management policies form the foundation of shared management practices in all of our units. They indicate what is expected of a good supervisor at Itella. The cornerstones, which are, in effect, leadership guidelines based on our values, also form a foundation for the development of supervisory work.

The leadership that is based on our values must be present in day-to-day communications. In change situations we stress sound change management, so that the changes are carried out effectively and productively. Good leadership from one situation to the next forms the foundation of well-being at work.

By "performance management" we are referring to all the ways in which supervisors support and coach their personnel to allow us all to perform our jobs as well as possible. Therefore, it involves the planning of work and development targets as well as agreeing on them with the entire work unit and within the personal target and development discussions held between a supervisor and an individual employee. In addition, it involves, when necessary, a supervisor's support and coaching to his or her personnel, to enable the achievement of targets.

We measure the realization of leadership annually by way of, for instance, our employee surveys, as well as by both 180-degree and 360-degree feedback within the development programs of management and leadership.

We are a multicultural workplace

We are one of the most culturally diverse companies in Finland. In this country alone, our employees represent more than 80 nationalities. In October, we joined 17 other companies and organizations in signing the first commitment to diversity in Finland and became a member of the newly established Diversity Charter Finland.

Diversity Charter Finland offers its members information on best practices regarding the management of diversity among employees, customers, and stakeholders as well as support in business development. The various dimensions of diversity encompass age, sex, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, operational capability, and religion, among other things.

Itella has a great number of long-term employment relationships. One fourth of our workforce has worked for us for more than 20 years. We want to keep people working for as long as possible, and this means that our employees require our support to achieve this objective.

Overall employee satisfaction improved from last year

October saw us conduct our annual employee satisfaction survey electronically for the second time across all business groups and Group operations at the same time. This is the second year in a row during which the results improved. The survey was completed by 66 percent of the personnel; the response rate the year before was 58 percent. The survey consisted of 23 statements divided into three areas – own work, cooperation, and management. The statement "I know what is expected of me" received the highest marks (4.35) at Group level, whereas the lowest marks (3.20) were scored by the statement "Itella offers me opportunities to develop my professional skills".

The survey's results are first reviewed in the executive boards of each unit and subsequently discussed in teams. These discussions function as the basis for the teams when they agree on future goals, select areas in need of development, and agree on improvement measures.

Equality in practice

In September, we carried out an equality survey, the overall results of which can be considered satisfactory. The majority of our employees are of the opinion that equality is a reality at their workplace. Some five percent of respondents adopted a contrary view. The survey was sent to 6,000 Itella employees on the basis of random sampling, and a total of 1,367 of these employees responded. The survey allows us to monitor the realization of equal rights and the principles of equality at our workplaces in Finland. It is divided into areas concerning equal opportunities and rights, the principle of equality (in relation to sex, age, religion, and ethnic background, for example), sexual harassment, and workplace bullying.

Our Equality Committee is charged with overseeing and monitoring the realization of equal opportunities and the principle of equality. In addition to the aforementioned survey, this duty is carried out by means such as annual salary monitoring.

Development in personnel number

Personnel per business group on December 31, 2012

Breakdown of employment contracts in 2012

Age distribution of personnel

Length of employees' career at Itella in 2012