Itella 2012


We increased the number of service outlets and developed our sourcing operations

Corporate-responsibility-related trends identified during the past year included the number of postal outlets and the acceleration of the increase in electronic mail, which is replacing traditional letters. The most notable research and development projects carried out during the year were based on the aforementioned trends. These projects are described in more detail in the section discussing financial responsibility.

Our business opportunities present themselves by way of, for instance, growth in electronic services that reduce environmental loads. Customers are also more likely to choose to do business with a company that is aware of its responsibilities and operates according to ethical principles. By using the carbon-neutral Itella Green products, our customers can cut carbon dioxide emissions in the processes of their supply chain and also communicate to their customers that their operations are environmentally sound.

We identified the following corporate responsibility risks during the past year: the unauthorized disclosure or leakage of confidential information, accidents that lead to serious environmental damage, corruption as well as other culture-related risks, and outsourcing to countries with lower production costs.

Transparency for sourcing chains

We made significant investments in the development of our sourcing operations during the past year. All in all, we employ the services of some 16,000 suppliers. Therefore, our service providers and contractors play an important role in terms of our goals related to sustainable development. Subcontracted transportation accounts for the majority of our sourcing. Sourcing also plays a leading role in terms of improving our profitability. We want to operate as transparently and ethically as possible in our sourcing activities, and eliminate all risks related to them.

We expect all of our service providers and suppliers to comply with ethically sustainable practices. We have also defined such practices in our Supplier Code of Conduct. In addition to legality, the Code of Conduct includes principles related to corruption, human rights, child labor, discrimination, working conditions, and environmental concerns.