Itella 2012


Corporate responsibility

Our principal mission is to produce services required by society by taking care of our customers' important information and product flows. Corporate responsibility has been the cornerstone of our activities throughout our long history. We want to be part of development that leads us to a sustainable future.

Our corporate responsibility activities form an integral part of our strategy, and the essential areas of such activity and the attendant commitments — such as the UN's Global Compact principles — are defined in our Corporate Responsibility Principles. We also require the Group's partners to comply with equivalent, ethically sustainable principles. The Employee Code of Conduct determines the procedures we expect from our own personnel.

We divide our corporate responsibility into four areas: economic, social, people, and environmental responsibility. We have specified both short-term and long-term goals regarding corporate responsibility. During the past year, we determined key indicators for each corporate responsibility area. These indicators help us to monitor development in the areas in question. The indicators are described in the table below.

Corporate responsibility management

Our corporate responsibility activities constitute a part of the Group's routine management, and that management is based on our shared values. Good management and leadership support the attainment of the company's goals and foster a positive work climate. In the Group's Executive Board, corporate responsibility is the responsibility of Itella's Vice President in charge of communications, marketing, and strategic sales. We report the key indicators related to the corporate responsibility areas to the Group's Board of Directors twice a year.

More detailed descriptions of the management of the various areas of corporate responsibility can be found on our webpages.