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Itella Mail Communications

We provide daily postal services throughout Finland via Itella Posti Oy. All in all, Posti's network of service outlets encompasses some 1 100 outlets. Multi-channel services and electronic means of doing business are our response to the changing needs of our customers. For companies in Finland and Russia, we provide targeted marketing solutions with which they can reach their customers successfully.

Customers expect Posti to be flexible and to provide them with new kinds of services. As people's habits in terms of time consumption and mobility are changing, and electronic service channels and online shops are growing more popular, some 80 percent of postal business already consists of parcel pickups.

Indeed, the growth in online shopping, and consequently, parcel volumes, continued to be robust throughout the year. This was evident just before Christmas, for example, when the volumes of parcels once again rose to record highs. Week 50 represented an all-time record week, during which nearly a million parcels passed through our network. The pace of growth in unaddressed direct marketing also accelerated, and our market share increased in spite of tough competition. The numbers of addressed letters continued to decline – a trend partly visible in the increasing volumes of electronic letters too. The volumes of newspaper and magazine deliveries also decreased in comparison to the year before.

Electronic services make life easier

Our mobile services were updated, and an increasing amount of postal business can now be taken care of using a cell phone or a tablet computer. Among other features, the services allow customers to search for postal codes, check the location of the nearest postal outlet, letterbox, or parcel terminal, and to track their own shipments.

Our webpages saw the launch of the new Mail Assistant and Well-Wisher's Address Book services. The Mail Assistant finds the best mailing solution for letters and parcels, on the basis of the customer's preferences. The free Well-Wisher's Address Book online service includes an electronic address book which makes it easier to remember the important days of friends and family.

In the autumn, we started a pilot project on the electronic delivery of mail in the islands of southwestern Finland. This enables subscribers in the islands to read their newspapers at the same time as the print versions are being delivered to subscribers on the mainland.

We also opened up a new type of self-service outlet that enables QR shopping at the Tervaskangas area in Kouvola. This provided consumers with an entirely new way to order and pay for products with the help of a smartphone and a QR code.

Flexibility and options increased thanks to the new parcel routing service as well. Parcel routing is a nationwide service which allows customers to route parcels ordered from online shops to the Posti outlet of their choice. The service is free of charge and available online, on Posti's website.

The electronic mailbox we offer is already commonplace – with the robust growth in the number of Netposti users, their numbers surpassed the 400,000 mark in August. A year earlier, the number of users stood at 300,000.

Since 2011, all of the products in our delivery range have been Itella Green products, carbon-neutral deliveries with no extra charge. This makes us the world's first carbon-neutral postal services provider.

A hundred new outlets

The reform concerning Posti's network of service outlets and the increase in the number of the outlets form a part of our response to customers' expectations of flexibility. The year saw us put into operation a total of one hundred new automatic parcel terminals and pickup outlets. The new outlets constitute part of the overhaul concerning Posti's network of service outlets. Our plans include raising the number of the various types of outlets – currently numbering 1,100 – by some 400 new outlets by 2016, when the total number of Posti's outlets should approach the figure of 1,500. In addition to full-service Posti shops, parcel terminals, pickup outlets, and business-customer outlets, our customers have at their disposal approximately 3,500 stamp retail locations, roughly 7,000 letterboxes, home-delivery services, and the electronic mailbox, Netposti.

The cooperation agreement we entered into with the Uusikaupunki federation of entrepreneurs gathers postal services, the city's Passari joint service point, the entrepreneurs' service desk, the city's waste information center, the city administrative court, and a select range of city services all under the same roof. This multi-service outlet is the first one of its kind. It will be opened during 2013.

Our cooperation agreement with Kesko will bring parcel terminals to all present and future K-citymarkets by the end of 2013. Furthermore, our agreement with R-kioski expands our network of service outlets by nearly 300 Posti pickup outlets that operate in connection with R-kiosks. The cooperation agreement between Itella and S Group will bring up to 350 Posti parcel terminals into the commercial premises of S Group.

The shipment of parcels between Finland and Estonia also became increasingly easy in the spring, when we introduced automated parcel traffic services between the countries.

For over 40 years, Posti has served as a familiar and trustworthy place to cast a ballot. During the past year, our postal outlets served as advance postal voting locations in both presidential and municipal elections. Nearly 1.4 million citizens eligible to vote in the presidential elections cast an advance vote.

Key figures 2012

  • Net sales EUR 1,167.6 million
  • Operating result (non-IFRS)* EUR 74.0 million
  • Operating result EUR 74.0 million
  • Personnel on December 21, 2012

*) Non-IFRS = excluding non-recurring items


  • Letter, publication, and direct mail delivery solutions
  • Domestic and international parcel services
  • Posti shops, postal agency shops, pickup outlets, and automatic parcel terminals
  • Comprehensive solutions for online commerce
  • Electronic postal services, Netposti
  • Online tools for marketing communications
  • Analysis, target group, and address register correction services

Countries of operation

  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Russia


Consumer preferred and undisputed market leader of Finnish e-commerce, mail, press and direct marketing services.


To create unique value to customers and the Finnish society by services for delivering goods & information.

Financial indicators

  • approximately 11 million postal shipments a day
  • 3 billion shipments a year
  • nearly 7,000 delivery routes
  • 68 million kilometers traveled in relation to postal deliveries every year

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